My name is Randall Hartman and I know one thing…

As a Baby Boomer you are headed into what can be the best years of life!

Join the growing number of people who have decided to make the rest of the journey the best. Refuse to ride off into the sunset of obscurity. ReFIRE your life!

A person who enters the Land of Post-Career should ReFIRE not retire. This concept is based on 6 concrete principles.

  • ReSIGN: Sign up for a new phase of life instead of resigning to sit in front of the TV. Make a conscious decision to suck all out of life.
  • ENERGIZE: Wake up each morning with passion to face a new day.
  • FREE: You are no longer chained to past failures and the associated baggage. You’ve learned to let it go so you can grow.
  • INVESTS: At this stage in life it is time to invest in others. It is giving back to a world which has given you so much.
  • RICH: Become rich through a feeling of security as you transition out of your career into the Land of Post-Career.
  • ENDOWMENT: In this new life stage you work on a legacy to pass on to your sphere of influence.

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