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Tom’s List is an easy to read, uncomplicated book with great insights. It’s definitely worth reading. The chapters are short but they leave you with lots to think about.” Phototag_17

“Interspersed with vignettes from real life, this down-to-earth, straight-from-the-heart collection gives readers not just advice or a set of action steps, but questions and talking points to make us look a little deeper within ourselves and what makes us tick…” L. M. Wineborne

“I love self-help books so how could I pass up the opportunity to read the 50 top tips from a man who had read 2000 books? “Tom’s List” is actually written by his friend Randy who received the list after Tom’s untimely death. However, Randy took that list and, by applying them to his own experiences, made each tip his own.” J. Young

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