ReFIRE Your Life!

Here are 7 infographics written to explain to you the ReFIRE process. You really can make the rest of life the best of life!

Overview. This infographic describes the big picture.

ReSIGN. The ReFIRE process begins with a decision to sign up for more of life.

Energized. It will take energy to make your life the best.

Free. We cannot create a positive future until get deal with the guilt which threatens us.

Invest. We enhance our life by enhancing the lives of others.

Rich. There are many ways to enrich your life.

Endowment. A life that is ReFIREd is a life that is building a legacy to pass on to others.

When you click on each link you will be taken to that particular infographic. If desired you can save it to your own computer.

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